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Is your child afraid of monsters lurking in the dark?

Say goodbye to bedtime battles and restless nights with Monster Mist Sleep Spray. Transform your child's nightly routine into a magical experience that will help them settle more easily while giving you some well-deserved me-time back in your evening.


Monster Mist Sleep Spray empowers your child with the confidence to banish monsters with a quick and enchanting spray into the air and onto their PJs. Watch as their imagination takes flight, knowing they have the power to create a safe and peaceful space.

Monster Mist Sleep Spray

  • Our Award-winning Monster Mist is a unique blend of soothing Lavender and Roman Chamomile that creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

    Make bedtime a delightful adventure, with no more bedtime meltdowns - just serene and restful nights for the whole family. 

    Spray away the fear and embrace a night filled with dreams and wonder.


    Monster Mist is made with pure essential oils, so you can be confident you're not spraying nasty toxins into your child's room.  

    • Made with 100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils
    • No synthetic fragrances, no parabens & no nasties
    • Plant based, Vegan & cruelty free
    • Hand blended and bottled in small batches
    • Australian Made


    Monster Mist is now available in NEW child-friendly PET spray bottles.