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About +Oils

Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  ♡

Add Oils is a low-tox wellness brand creating a range of Australian made, all-natural, non-toxic essential oils blends and products.

We bring mother nature’s goodness into your modern lifestyle, while supporting and elevating your self-care rituals.

Our philosophy and passion is to create the highest quality essential oil products so you too can reap the aromatherapeutic benefits of these wonders of nature.

We use only the purest essential oils sourced from reputable Australian and International growers.  We champion responsible sustainability practices, all the way from seed to skin.

We are strong believers of being kind to yourself and giving yourself the love, respect and attention you deserve.

We incorporate positive thinking and mindfulness via supplementary tools & resources to raise your self-care ritual and to remind you to honour yourself daily.

Our blends are created with intention and with love from our family to yours.

So you too can +Oils (Add Oils) to your day!

Meet the Founder

Hi I’m Davielle, the founder and formulator at Add Oils Aromatherapy.

I’m a mum with a passion for living a low-tox life and prioritising self-care for my mental wellbeing.  Easier said than done hey!

When I received my unexplained infertility diagnosis I made as many lifestyle changes as possible, to give my hubby & I the best chance of becoming parents.

Swapping out toxins in our home and most importantly what I was applying to my skin, was the first step.  This is where my love of essential oils began.

When my daughter was born, it was a no brainer that I would use only natural products on her toys, her skin and also in the air she breathed.

I became a qualified Aromatherapy Consultant and began formulating natural remedies for the whole family.

As my beautiful girl grows, my product range evolves aswell.  I love nothing more than developing new blends with her.  My daughter is my why, and my inspiration.

I just love that she has started her life living low-tox, and understands and embraces the importance of self love and self-care.


I’m so grateful that you’re here reading our story.  Please reach out at anytime to I'd love to hear from you. 



Begin each day with a grateful heart

Our Commitment

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